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VISUAL SENSOR helps reduce irrigation water consumption and improve production. Through the service you have access from any device to the agroclimatic and environmental data that you need to have the main activities under control: irrigation, treatments and harvesting.

It is a subscription service that includes the installation of the soil and environment sensors in the plots of your choice.

At VISUAL we design innovative solutions with our own algorithms and advanced programming techniques.


Create technologic solutions for the

food industry.

We search economic, environmental and social sustainability to produce healthy food with the minor environmental impact.


VISUAL SENSOR the easiest way to make  agricultural decisions.

The sensors allow the farmer and the technician to collect crop data to obtain added value information that allows increasing the production and quality of the crops, where it is vitally important to monitor key points and predict the optimal time to irrigate or perform a treatment achieving a higher production and quality of the harvest.

We integrate the necessary elements to maximize the efficiency of the operation and allow you to save on: water, energy and treatments.

VISUAL SENSOR: The complete environmental monitoring solution


weather and crop soil 

Sensors map

over 2000 public stations


Treatments prognostics and conditions

Your sensors

in a single platform

Water and apply treatments

just when necessary

Your alerts

personalized configuration


with all your guests

Your crops our priority

The weather plays a central role in the development of your crops. Your health is essential. Our objetive? Help you anticipate bad weather conditions and avoid risks. Precision farming will help you with planting, treatment, frost, disease, and harvest.